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There are quite a number of ways to calculate the burnt calories. Since you are getting fat gradually and want to get rid of this as soon as possible then there is no other ways besides knowing about the ins and outs of the calories from your body.

Budgeting on burnt calories definitely boost up the process of gaining flat belly. Burning calorie doesn’t necessarily mean that you should look for all the possible ways to lose it; rather there are few more things you need to know before calculating your burnt calories. These things are like-

  1. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  2. Body Mass index (BMI)
  3. Body Fat percentage (BFP)

Now you might have a question why should you need to know about these terms?

Here is an example for you. Suppose you are going to participate in a race. But, you don’t have any idea about the track, participants, schedule, your capability, duration and so forth. You just know that you have run to achieve the medal.

Now, I doubt will you be successful to gain the medal while you know nothing about the race?

That example I brought to let you inform that without any ex gathered knowledge or budgeting it would be tougher to achieve the goal. Therefore, hereby I am going present a brief description about these three terms which may help you set your goal on calorie expenditure.

1. Basal Metabolic Rate

Basal metabolic rate is a bio-chemical process which takes place inside our body to conduct the physiological process. It signifies that no matter either we are idle or not functioning throughout the day but some physiological process like respiration, pumping blood, digestion etc. are spending a good amount of calories each day which is more likely about 1500-2500 calories in number.

Now, if you perform some workouts like running, walking or playing different games and going to calculate your burnt calories then you need to keep in mind that you have to add the BMR values along with the extra calorie burnt.

2. Body Mass Index

Body Mass index is another vital thing while you are concerned about your burnt calories. This index will help you to evaluate your present condition in accordance to the desired goal. And you can make a plan for better calorie budget by knowing about this term.

Literally it helps to know about either you are underweight, overweight or normal. On the basis of your height and weight it will give a values ranging from 10 to 40 or even more.

In according to the BMI a normal person belongs to the value between the ranges of 20-25. So if you belong less than 20 then it signifies that you are underweight. Higher than 25 means you are overweight and higher than 30 means that you are in very danger zone of obesity.

3. Body Fat percentage

Body fat percentage is another essential tool to know about the present condition of your body and the steps to take in future. This term is more likely to the BMI. Before calculating the burnt calories from your body you must have to know about the Body fat percentage.

If your BFP is lower than the standard level then it signifies that you may try to gain some extra fat to fill the gaps in your body.

On the other hand if the BFP is higher than the standard level then you need to burn a good amount of calories to get rid of the extra fats.

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