Calories to burn to lose one pound

Protein, carbohydrate and fat are the major sources of energy in our body. Three different things can make variation in producing calories. When body finds more than sufficient calories of demand, then it tends to store excess calorie as fat. This way our body gain enough weight and our belly becomes bloated in course of time. To prevent this tendency and get rid of the problem is not just a piece of cake, once it’s gained. You have to go through the complex process and more importantly you have to budget the calorie expenditure to flatten your stomach.

I guess you know already that 1 gm of carbohydrate or protein produces 4 calories, whereas 1 gm of fat produces 9 calories. So, that is why if you eat a food which weighs 100 gm, and full of carbohydrate, you are taking 400 calories (4 X 100) in return.

Now if you take a food which is fully made of fat, like vegetable oil, then 100 gm means 900 calories. So if you eat 450 gm (almost equal to one pound) of food (containing fat only),theb the calorie intake would be equal to 450×9= 4050 calories. One pound of fat is producing 4050 calories in return.

Losing one pound of fat you have to burn 4050 calories. Although we read and knew that 1 gm of fat means 9 calories, it is not exactly 9, rather around 8.6. If you multiply 450gm (which is one pound) then you will get 3870 calories. To make it easy health specialist recommends approximating the amount 3500± calories. Therefore, it is widely recognized that to lose 1 pound of weight, you have burn 3500± calories.

Consideration for setting weight loss goals

The more real will be the goal of weight loss the more it is closer to the desired result. Therefore, it is important to make this goal achievable and implantable. It is not good idea to set a goal that seems attractive but it makes you injured and you divert from the real weight loss process. To make it realistic consider the facts given below.

  • Ask yourself whether it is possible to achieve that goal. If you are confident in performing that particular workout then you pursue.
  • Do not make your plan imitating others. If you see someone who loses weight very quickly and start to follow, his plan can be injurious for you.
  •  Tractable weight loss goal is always easy to measure and achieve. So keep track of your goals.
  • Keep the goals specific. If you do not know how much and where to top then it is of no use to make or set a goal.  

Sometimes your goal may seem difficult to you but do not give up. Stick to the plan and go slowly. If you want, you can take a break. Then you can start with full swing.

Is it possible to lose one pound by burning 3500± calories within a day?

If someone wants to lose one pound of weight within a day, then it would be a real tough work to accomplish. Although we know from the previous discussion that losing one pound is all about burning 3500± calories. As different studies show that 3500 calorie is more or less equivalent to one pound of weight.

So, theoretically it is possible to lose one pound within a day by performing activities worth of 3500± calories. In reality to lose extra 3500 calories in addition to the value of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate=2200 ± calories) is very impossible.

Now, you may be stubborn and ambitious in terms of losing weight. Nothing is impossible for you while you are on the way. But, can you imagine walking 70 miles a day? This distance on foot is worth of burning 3500 calories in return! So it necessarily means that you have to burn 5700 calories in one day. On the other hand as a result of performing endless number of activities you can lose body fluids significantly, which is worth 1 pound of weight. So, instead of burning fat you are burning liquids from the body. It can pave the way to make you feel sick.

It is very irrelevant to make approaches of losing one pound a day. There are so many sources or websites available out there suggesting the way to lose one pound a day. Literally, it’s not possible at all.

One pound of fat lose per week?

From the previous discussion we already know that losing one pound a day is like a fairy tale. It’s very unrealistic goal.

To lose one pound of fat in each week, what you have to do? First check how many calories you can spend a day. If your weight is higher than normal, then you can burn a high amount of calories by spending some time in walking, jogging or with other physical workout.

Suppose you can spend 3000 calories a day. Now let's see how much calories you are eating a day. If you weigh more, it is very likely that you have the habit of eating more. But if you want to lose fat, you have to eat less (otherwise you have to spend more time on physical workout, either way it will work). So try to limit your food intake to 2500 calories. Thus you are able to make a deficit of 500 calories (3000-2500) on each day. Within a week you can make a total deficit 500×7=3500 calorie in return.

Though, it seems possible to lose one pound of weight within a week. But, in some extent it won’t be very realistic goal to achieve.


There is no shortcut way to lose weight. Whenever, you are willing to lose weight or flatten your belly, it necessitates thinking at wider perspective. You should determine to gain your desired goal slowly but surely and steadily. Early gain will result in early lose in regarding the body weight.

We discussed about losing weight within a day and then a week. A week seems more reasonable to achieve the goal. But, within one day it’s quite impossible to lose.

To lose one pound a week you have to eat less and engage in more physical activities. Truth is, for an overweight person eating less and exercising more is not easy task to do. So, in some extent it’s also considered as a tough job as well. But, to lose two pounds a month is quite a realistic goal to achieve.

For achieving this goal you have to make a deficit of 250 calories on each day. Thus, by 30 days you can make a total deficit of 7500 calories. This amount of calorie is worth of two pounds of weight. It’s more realistic to achieve in different perspective.

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