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Since you are getting fat and trying to flatten your belly, the first and most important thing you have to be aware of is all about calories. If you are good at calorie budget and determine to achieve your goal, I bet you will be successful in someday.

Super store to mini shop from wherever you are going to buy packed foods, certainly you will find a label named as nutrition facts. What may seem little complex to you at the begining. In some cases skipping rest of the information of nutrition facts you will urge to find the calorie content of that particular food.

Now, if someone asks what the calorie means to be, then what would be your answer? So let’s make this term clear to you before going to the detailed discussion.


To define about the calorie I could bring an elaborate description what would make you more confuse. Therefore, I am going to describe it briefly.

Basically, calorie is a unit of energy. Although it is very much associated with foods but it can be applied to anything containing energy. For instance, 1 liter of gasoline contains 7750000 calories.

In terms of physical sciences, specifically calorie means the amount of energy which can help to raise the temperature of 1 gm of water to 1 degree Celsius. It can also be compared with the Joules (1 cal= 4.184 Joules), a very common unit of energy in science.

What is the function of calorie?

If you are concerned more or less about the overweight or bloated stomach, then it’s high time to know about the functionality of calorie.

In my previous discussion of metabolism part I had delivered a term named BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). It is a continuous process which necessarily means that no matter either you are idle or active, your body is going to burn a good amount of calories to help the physiological processes make happen. These are like pumping blood, digestion, breathing and so forth.

Therefore, scientifically it is proved that calorie needed for the proper functionality of your body.

More precisely, calorie is like the fuel of your body.

As the food is the source of calorie, so on daily basis you need to gather a good amount of calories by consuming foods.

How calorie is produced and burned?

A question might raise in your mind that how the calorie is being produced from foods?

If I am going to explain all about basic instinct of this process then it might need a thousand words to describe. It is a very complex bio-chemical process happening by the digestion process around the clock throughout the whole day.

Food energy or calorie is derived from the food and molecular oxygen by the help of the process of cellular respiration. Human needs a minimum intake of food energy or calorie to continue their metabolism and to drive their muscles.

Which are the calorie rich foods?

Almost all of the foods available out there containing calories in some extent. It may vary regarding the types of food. For instance 1 gm of carbohydrate contains 4 cal of energy, same amount is for protein. But 1 gm of fat contains 9 cal of energy.

Since you are concerned about your over weight and want to get rid of it, then you might have a habit to take a look at the nutrition label of foods.

For example,if you see that Oatmeal has 2 gm fats, 4 gm proteins and 32 gm carbohydrates, then it necessarily means that by each serving you are going to achieve 162 calories in return. These are likely-

9 cal × 2 gm=18 calories
4 cal × 4 gm= 16 calories
4 cal × 32 gm= 128 calories

So, you have gotten an idea that fat rich food contains a significant amount of calories in comparison to others.

What amount of calorie is needed each day?

The amount of calories you needed each day depends on your gender, height, weight, age and the activity throughout the day. But basically a person needs to eat the food containing about 2000-2200 calories.

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