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Dear Readers, Welcome to our website! It is specially built for you to guide through the complex process of flattening your belly. Our main goal would be like this but in some cases it could be helpful to those who were looking for better suggestions to lose some weight as well. I know it would be little tough and time consuming to get an optimum result.

But, if you are determined and can stick to the process for acquiring the result, I bet you will be successful. No matter how tough or complex it is!

I would like to inform you that I did try the whole things on me and I reached to my desired goal.  So, here I have written all of the articles based on my observations, experiences and results.

Please budget your time and try to read all of the articles of this website in a reasonable period of time. I hope you are here to make some better physical changes. Before going to the detailed discussion I have written some basic terms in below which will be needed for further understanding.


I don’t want to describe all about the complex process of metabolism what can make you confuse at the very beginning. As I am not sure either all of you are interested to read about the complex scientific process or not. So here in below I will discuss some basic instinct about metabolism.

I am used to hear so many times in my life that people with overweight would say that they were eating very little in comparison with their friend. But no matter what they eat or not they would gain some extra weight at the end of the day.

Now, the question is what really happened with them? Many research shows that this phenomenon is true and it is occurred as a result of Metabolism disorder.

Let’s come to the point and define the Metabolism process briefly.

“Metabolism is one kind of biochemical process by which our body converts whatever we eat or drink into energy”. More precisely it’s a process which is responsible to release the calorie or energy from our consumed foods and to transform those calories into the deserving cells.

In general there are two major types of Metabolism, which are termed as

  1. Catabolism
  2. Anabolism

The nutrition facts are closely related with this biochemical process. It is proved that if Metabolism in human body either slows down or not being triggered after the consumption of foods then certainly it will result in weight gaining.

Food habit, exercise or calorie burning, what is the first thing to follow?

Whenever we talk about losing weight or flattening stomach the first thing comes to mind is what would be the easiest way to gain the optimum result within earliest possible time?

But, to be frank it all depends on your present condition and future goal. Let’s discuss some more about food habits. Food habit is very vital thing to modify while you are in the process of losing weight or flattening your stomach. Usually what we eat or love to eat might help us to gain some extra weight over time. Not only the food we eat but also the timing is very important in term of triggering metabolism.

I observed some of my friends who wanted to flatten their stomach brought some dramatic changes in their timing of food consumption. Even, some of them decided to cut their daily meals started with not taking breakfast initially. After a time being doing like that way they gained some extra weight in return. Because they did not know what was really happening inside.

It is scientifically proved that if someone leaves the breakfast then certainly it will slow down the metabolism process for rest of the time on that day. Which may result in less calories burning throughout the whole day. If less calories being burnt and more being consumed, what will happen at last?

Certainly some more extra weight! What you would like to avoid by any cost.

Therefore, It is very important to know more about the food habits during the whole process of flattening your stomach. You may find more about the foods in the ‘Food’ section of our website.

We all know about the physical exercises. There are so many types of exercises out there. Even we know very little all about those types. I would like to mention that I never seen a single person who did not try exercises along with the control over food habit who did succeed to flatten their stomach at last.

Exercise may be various in kinds but if someone wants to achieve optimum result then he/she must has to try exercises in some extent.  May be at home or at Gym wherever you would feel it is comfortable.

I am not insisting on that you should run, rather you can start with walking at first. There are so many calculator or Mobile apps available out there to measure your calorie burning. But, here I would like to remind you that walking shouldn’t be likely very slow rather try to make your body sweat.

The most important thing for flattening your stomach is calorie burning. I have seen so many people knew very little or nothing about calories. But one thing I should clarify that if you want to flatten your stomach then there is no shortcut way besides knowing about the calorie budget.

So, What I am planning to do is I will make you a calorie specialist by delivering a good number of articles in ‘All about calorie’ section. You need to concentrate in this section at the early stages of flattening your stomach.

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